Process for Private Share Trading in Valuer Holding A/S

Valuer aims to assist buyers and sellers of Valuer's shares in finding each other for private (over the counter) trading of Valuer's shares.

Valuer's shares are registered at VP Securities A/S and are freely tradable. It is entirely the choice of the buyer and seller of Valuer's shares whether they wish to utilize Valuer's service described below. Regardless of whether the buyer and seller have found each other through the following service, any private trading of Valuer's shares occurs at the buyer's/seller's own expense and risk, without any liability on the part of Valuer. Valuer is also not concerned with the tax implications of such private trades.

Individuals interested in buying or selling shares in Valuer and wishing Valuer to facilitate contact with a potential counterparty based on their trading preferences can follow the process outlined below.

  1. Interested buyers/sellers contact Valuer and express their desire to buy/sell a number of Valuer's shares using the "Trade Request Form". The form is signed and sent to
  2. Valuer adds the interested buyer(s)/seller(s) to an internal list of potential buyers and sellers, respectively. This list is maintained by Valuer and is not publicly accessible. If interested buyers have not already completed the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, they must do so before being added to the list.
  3. Valuer assists in establishing contact between potential buyers and sellers but does not engage in the actual trading of shares, which takes place directly between the buyer and seller without any liability on the part of Valuer.

Valuer endeavors to match interested buyers/sellers based on a prioritization of the number of shares and indicated price preferences, as well as the submission date.

The parties themselves agree on the price, trade date, and other terms independently of Valuer. It is the responsibility of the parties to seek their own advisors in connection with the trade. The parties sign a trade agreement independently of Valuer. A template that can be used as inspiration can be found at Valuer’s website. The parties' use of the template is at their own risk, and it is the responsibility of the parties to complete and make the necessary adjustments to the template. Valuer does not guarantee the use of the template.

The parties instruct their own custodian banks to execute the trade/trades based on a signed trade agreement. The parties bear all costs associated with the trade/trades and any tax implications that may arise.

In connection with the trade, the parties must instruct their own custodian banks to register the shares in their names.

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